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This is not just a blog, but rather is a community of dad's that contribute blog content.  There is never a lack of high-quality content, and I've found it to be a tremendous resource in my life.  I even contribute my only dad-blog content from time to time.  Check it out!


At, Shawn is a family man who writes on a myriad of topics to which any dad in his 30s can relate; and so many of his posts on parenting are pure gold.  Check it out!

Furnished by Brent Almond,, is very entertaining with just the right amount of snark as well as heartfelt advice.  His writing reminds us that "family values" is not defined by tradition, but rather by our unifying experiences and struggles as dads.  Check it out!

Mom Blogs

This is an awesome blog network at  It too is a collective, and has a vast array of useful content.  It has multiple sister sites, so you can very easily find a particular author or theme that is pertinent to you and customize it to you preferences.  Plus, they really have the design dialed in at the City Moms Blog Network.  Very easy to navigate and find the information you need.  Check it out!

This is also a unique blog, as is a collective of many contributing bloggers, who publish evergreen content to which most moms (and dads) can relate.  Some truly hilarious stuff is coming out of Scary Mommy, but the hilarity is often well-balanced with a lot of keen parenting advice to help moms navigate the whirlwind that is motherhood. Check it out!


Moms and Dads


Positive Parenting Solutions is a tremendous resource!  They have a free blog you can subscribe to, which gives very helpful tips.  AND, if you become a member, they have an in-depth training course which has been featured on many shows and publications including The Steve Harvey Show, Rachel Ray, CNN, The New York Times, and The Today Show.  Membership also includes "Ask Amy" coaching calls to help you be the best parent you can be.  Check out the free blog, and we are confident you will want to try out the membership for 30 days risk free!  It has made us better parents and will surely help you be the best parent you can be too!  Check it out here! Full disclosure: This truly is a magnificent resource, which we would suggest any day of the week, because it has made us better parents.  However, if you click on this link and sign up for any level of membership, we may receive a commission at no cost to you.


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