Diaper Replacement Program


When parents commit to cloth diapering their babies, often one of the first places they will look for them is on the most prominent e-commerce platform. When you search the terms “Cloth Diapers” in the search bar, the first page is often populated with listings of the cheapest cloth diapers on the market.  These cheap brands generally offer something like a 6-pack of cloth diapers for $30.  In our opinion – like most things in life – you get what you pay for.  If you look at the reviews of these cheap diaper brands the most often criticisms are as follows: 

We find that parents who buy cloth diapers fall into one of 3 main categories.

  1.  There are parents out there that intentionally buy the cheap brands of cloth diapers because they aren’t completely sure if they want to cloth diaper full-time, and if the cloth diapers fall apart or don’t work very well… then they didn’t waste too much money. This is okay!  Those cheap brands of diapers serve this market.  The consumer knows what they are getting going into it. 
  2. Then there are the parents that Moonbow Baby serves. These parents view Cloth Diapers as an investment.  The diapers are something that your baby will wear literally every single day for the first few years of their life, and these parents see the value in investing in high quality.  This is why Moonbow Baby offers a lifetime warranty on our products.  These parents also know what they are getting when they purchase Moonbow Baby diapers.  They get high quality diapers that will stand the test of time.
  3. Then there are the parents that get duped. These parents saw some affordable diapers on the first page of Amazon’s search results and looked no further.  Then after a few months, these parents realize they are unhappy with their purchase. This might be you.  If so, keep reading. 

There is tremendous benefit to cloth diapering, and committing to cloth diaper your baby is a big decision.  You should not be made to regret your decision.  Don’t despair!  You now have a chance to take a mulligan. 

We want you to be happy with your decision to cloth diaper your baby, so this is why Moonbow Baby has created a Cloth Diaper Replacement Program.  If you bought another brand of cloth diapers and are unhappy with your purchase, we invite you to buy Moonbow Baby cloth diapers, and we will reimburse you for the amount you originally spent on the other brand of diapers*.

 Here’s how it works:  When you purchase Moonbow Baby diapers at full price on our website or Amazon.com, you can contact us with “Diaper Replacement Program” in the subject line.  When you provide us with proof of your Moonbow Baby purchase, we will provide you with a PO Box to which you can send the other diapers you are unhappy with.  When we receive the other diapers in the mail, we will then send you a check for the amount you spent on the other brand of diapers*.






*Moonbow Baby created the Diaper Replacement Program to encourage parents to continue to cloth diaper their babies, despite being unhappy with the purchase of a lesser quality brand of cloth diapers.  The repurchase amount is based on the common purchase mentioned above of 6-pack of cloth diapers for $30.  The dollar amount Moonbow Baby will issue is limited to $5 per diaper, maximum of $100.  Dollar amounts to be issued will be calculated based on the number of diapers received or the number of Moonbow Baby diapers purchased, whichever is fewer. To avoid fraud, checks will be issued 45 days after the other brand diapers are received; and if Moonbow Baby diapers are return/refunded before then, check issuance will be cancelled.  Thank you for your understanding.