Q: Can I buy the Amazon Affiliate products listed on your Other Baby Products page through your website?

A:  No.  The Amazon Affiliate links direct you to www.amazon.com to purchase the item as we do not offer them directly. We strive to be a resource for our customers long before and after any Moonbow Baby purchase.  So we’ve researched hundreds of different baby products to find the best ones available in the market place.  We then provide those to you on our Other Baby Products page as a recommendation to save you the hassle of having to do your own research.  Since Amazon seems to be slowly taking over the world, it just makes sense that the most commonly used centralized market place be the platform we recommend.  Please note:  If you purchase any of those items on Amazon.com, it is likely that we will receive a commission at no additional charge to you. 

Q:  How do you suggest caring for Moonbow Baby Cloth Diapers?

A:  I’d suggest looking at our Diaper Care page first, but in short… No Bleach!  No Fabric Softener!  Knock away any turds into the toilet.  Spray with a delicate spot/stain remover if absolutely needed.   Wash on Hot with a fabric-delicate laundry detergent on Gentle Cycle.  We recommend hang-dry to prolong the life of your investment; but you can dry your diapers and inserts in the dryer on low heat if needed. Diaper covers and inserts can be washed together. 

Q:  Can I buy Moonbow Baby products on Amazon.com?

A:  Yes!  All Moonbow Baby products can be found on www.amazon.com.  In fact, a quick hack for you… If you already have an Amazon Prime membership, you can save a few bucks on shipping!  Unlike our competitors, we don’t think it’s right to make money on your shipping and handling charges.  Our shipping charges cover exactly what it costs to ship directly to you, whereas some of our competitors will discount the price of their items to make a sale, and then make up the difference by charging you more in shipping.  We think that’s unethical.  How about you? 

Q:  Why do you market primarily to men?

A:  We don't consider it marketing exclusively to men, but rather we market inclusively to men.  That is to say that so many other brands neglect to recognize the immense role a father plays in child-rearing, or the fact that dads have a much more prominent presence in their children's lives today than in decades passed.  Basically it boils down to this.  Marketing baby products to mothers or expecting mothers is what everyone else does.  It’s been done this way since long ago, when the traditional family structure was constructed as Working Father, Stay-At-Home Mom, 2.5 kids, dog, house, white picket fence, etc…  I think we can all agree that today’s modern family no longer follows that pattern.  Culturally, our society has realized that Dads and Moms are equally capable in child-rearing.  More and more dads choose to stay at home, while the moms continue to work.  More and more dads are getting involved in the activities and being present in their kids’ lives than ever before.  The days of the stoic father figure and mommy-home-maker are long gone, yet the majority of brands continue to market as if they’re in an episode of Mad Men.  By absolutely no means do we intend on discounting or belittling the tremendous role mothers play in their babies’ lives.  We just want to bring light to the fact that there are a ton a great and caring fathers out there equally concerned with the well-being of their babies and have an equally important role in raising them. 

Q:  How many cloth diapers do I need to get started?

A:  We recommend 14 – 16 for full-time cloth diapering.  Each cloth diaper comes with 2 microfiber extra-absorbent inserts.  So this means you’ll have plenty of re-usable diapers, and absorbent inserts.  Also, when you buy 14 or more diapers, you get a hefty discount! 

Q:  Why should I buy yours at a premium when other brands offer 6 for $50?

A:  Honestly, we don’t care if you buy Moonbow Baby cloth diapers.  Of course we’d love your business, but more importantly we would prefer you cloth diaper, period.  However, like most things in life, you get what you pay for.  If you buy cheap diapers, you get cheap diapers.  Those cheap brands are prone to excessive leaks, the snaps wear out, the fabric is low quality, and the elastic and stitching is sub-par.  Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for unsuspecting new parents to feel duped when they buy these brands.  These parents become dissatisfied and give up on cloth diapering all together in favor of the convenience of disposables. Unlike many other brands, who'll happily accepts your money and couldn't care less about your satisfaction, we at Moonbow Baby care deeply about you and your baby's experience, and that is why we sell only the best cloth diapers on the market.  Even at a premium price, you will save a lot of money buying Moonbow Baby compared to 2+ years of disposables…AND you’ll be much happier with your purchase. 

Q:  What’s the deal with the lifetime warranty?

A:  We have so much faith in the quality of Moonbow Baby cloth diapers, that we offer a lifetime warranty!  Most of our competitors only offer a 60 – 90 day warranty.  You’ll be able to use Moonbow Baby cloth diapers for every baby you have now, and any baby may have in the future.  We’re confident that your kids will be able to use them on your grandchild!  You must register your lifetime warranty within 60 days of your purchase for the warranty to be valid.  This helps us to keep fraudulent claims at bay.  It’s free! 

Q:  Can I use Moonbow Baby cloth diapers on my newborn?

A:  Absolutely!  The beauty of the Moonbow Baby cloth diaper is there are multiple rows of high-quality snaps meant to adjust as your baby grows.  On the most condensed measurements, our cloth diapers will typically fit babies as small as 6lbs (3kg), and will grow with your baby as large as 35lbs (15kg).  Additionally, each Moonbow Baby cloth diaper comes with an extra-absorbent microfiber insert sized specifically for newborns. 

Q:  Can I use our Moonbow Baby cloth diaper cover as a swim diaper?

A:  Yep!  That’s a great idea!  We recommend using only the diaper cover, without the microfiber insert, because otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose.  But hey…do what you like. 

Q:  Do you offer special printed diaper designs?

A:  Not at the moment.  We are not opposed to it; we just haven’t had much demand for prints.  If cloth diapers with printed graphics are important to you, we encourage you to let us know!  We truly listen to our customers’ desires, but we don’t know what those desires are unless you tell us.  So if we find that lots of people want prints, we’ll get prints!  Let us know at suggestions@moonbowbaby.com

Q:  Do you offer cloth diapers with Hook and Loop attachments?

A:  No.  Our market research has shown that a majority of people prefer the durable snaps instead of the Hook and Loop (Velcro).  The reason for this is most people forget to fasten the hook and loop before washing the diapers, and then get frustrated when the diapers come out in a large ball stuck to each other.  Also, the hooks on the hook and loop fasteners tend to destroy the fabric of the diaper covers over time. 

Q:  How do I adjust the fit on my baby?

A:  We offer a handy-dandy sizing chart as a general guideline; however, the basic premise is the diaper features waist snaps and rise snaps.  You adjust the waste snaps using the square wings horizontally to fit your baby’s waist.  The rise snaps can be adjusted vertically to the smallest size to fit a newborn, and adjusts to lower levels as your baby’s torso and hips grow vertically.  A general rule of thumb is you should only be able to fit 1 finger between your baby’s skin and elastic located on the back and around the legs. 

Q:  How do you address the leaks problem inherent in cloth diapering?

A:  We address this inherent issue in several ways.  The extra-absorbent microfiber inserts have an additional thin layer of absorbent material compared to our competitors.  Also, the microfiber material itself wicks away moisture more quickly (and better) than most other absorbent materials used in cloth diapers such as hemp, bamboo, or wool.  Lastly, we offer the only cloth diaper that features a leak guard made of waterproof PUL fabric around the perimeter of the absorbent insert.  This leak guard provides additional leak protection by containing the moisture in the center of the absorbent insert so it doesn't spill out onto the clothes.

Q:  Why is my diaper leaking?

A:  One of several things could be the culprit. 

1) Check to make sure diaper is sized appropriately to fit your baby.  This is the most common case of leaks.  You can make adjustments on both the vertical rise snaps as well as the waist snaps on the wings.  Generally, you should be able to fit one finger between your baby’s skin and the elastic on the back and around the legs.

2) If you’re confident the fit is right, your baby could be out-wetting the absorbent insert.  If your baby is a heavy wetter, you can avoid leaks by changing more often. 

3) If the first two things are not the culprits, check your detergent and diaper creams for petroleum-based ingredients. Sometimes these harsh ingredients can disrupt the absorbency power of the diaper insert.  Do not despair!  You can usually solve this problem by washing in non-fragrant dish soap to remove the petroleum residue build-up.  We suggest using Original blue Dawn dishsoap.  We cannot endorse any specific laundry detergent, however, if your detergent say “Free and Clear” on it, there’s a good chance they do not contain petroleum-based ingredients. 

Q:  Why do my diapers smell even after they come out of the wash?

A:  Make sure you are using the manufacturer’s recommended dosage of laundry detergent.  For some reason there is a myth being spread around that you don’t need to use the recommended dosage.  Like somehow “Big Laundry” is out to convince you to buy more detergent so they can line their pockets with all the extra cash (sense the sarcasm).  This practice of using half the recommended amount is absolutely false, especially when it comes to soiled diapers.  On the other hand, using more than the recommended amount of detergent could also have a negative effect.  It won’t cause the diapers to smell, but it could cause the diapers to retain residual detergents.  Just use the recommended amount found on the detergent label.

Q:  What is diaper stripping and do I need to do it?

A:  For those of you who don’t know what stripping is, it doesn’t involve a pole and loud music.  Rather, it refers to the occasional washing of diapers and inserts in non-fragrant dish soap.  This practice “strips” away petroleum-based residues and mineral build-up.  It is our opinion, if you practice good diaper care and use a good detergent in the recommended dosage, there should be no need for stripping.  However, stripping can help resolve a host of problems. 

Q:  Can I use bleach on my cloth diapers?

A:  No.  We do not recommend using bleach.  However, when treating any type of bacterial infection such as a yeast infection, we recommend cleaning your diapers with hydrogen peroxide,instead of bleach.  We’ve also found that the ingredients in Oxiclean do a good job of treating your diapers when treating an infection; however, we generally do not suggest using Oxiclean frequently, because they use petroleum-based surfactants, which can disrupt the absorbent power of the inserts.  But washing a couple times here and there with Oxiclean shouldn’t be detrimental. 

Q:  What do I do with the poop?

A:  What do you do with your poop?  Put it in the toilet.  Haha. But seriously… when your baby starts to eat regular food, the poop will become more solid and generally present in the form of a ball or a patty, which just rolls off into the toilet without much residue.  However, when you have a newborn or just get those really sticky poops, we recommend using a toilet sprayer extension if you have one.  Otherwise, you’ll have to get creative.  Try using toilet paper.  Or, holding one clean end, position the inside of the diaper where the toilet water flows to fill the bowl and use the force of the water flow to clean away as much of the sticky poops as possible.

Q:  Should I wash my diapers in the same washer as my regular clothes?

A:  First of all, you should always wash your cloth diapers as a separate load.  You should never wash cloth diapers in the same load as your regular clothes.  That’s just gross.  Having said that…there should be no reason you would need to use a separate washer for cloth diapers from your regular cloths.  By using proper diaper care and good laundry detergent in the right dosage, your diapers should get sufficiently clean without causing problems for your other laundry.  If you use proper diaper care, and your regular clothes are being affected by the diapers, the likely culprit is your washer.  You may have to consider getting a new washer.  Or, you can run an empty cycle with 1 cup of white distilled vinegar and 1/2 cup of baking soda between loads.  This usually does the trick.


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