Lifetime Warranty

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We stand behind all of our products.  You've trusted us to provide a high-quality product, and we take that seriously.  Where most companies will only offer a 90-day warranty -- just enough time for their products to fall apart -- we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all our non-consumable products!   In the very unlikely event that you should have to claim your warranty, we will make every attempt at replacing the item with the same item.  If that item is no longer available, we will replace with the most comparable or updated version of the product, or we will refund you the amount paid for the item (with proof of purchase).  It is because we have so much faith that our products will stand the test of time, that we require registration of your Lifetime Warranty within 60 days of purchase to be valid. This enables us to keep proper records to better serve you, and protects ourselves from fraudulent claims from people less honest than you.

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