Our Story

Moonbow Baby is a Family Values company.  My wife (Erica) and I (Steve) started Moonbow Baby to  serve parents who love their children to the moon and back!  It is parents like you, who uphold family values, that are raising our future leaders and innovators.  These very same future leaders will raise children of their own one day, and on goes a perpetual upward cycle of virtue.  This is how we create a lasting positive impact on the world!

We sell baby products as a means to accomplish our goals of promoting family values. We strive to be a resource for you long before and after any purchase of a Moonbow Baby product.  Each and every product in our line is chosen carefully to make sure it aligns with our values and will serve you well.  When you buy Moonbow Baby products, you are buying from our family who cares about your family.  



Steve and Erica


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