Homemade Baby Food: Developing Smarter, Healthier, Non-Picky Eaters

Homemade Baby Food: Developing Smarter, Healthier, Non-Picky Eaters

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Author: Steve Scheetz

Edition: 1

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 84

Publisher: Softpress Publishing

Release Date: 2018-03-22


Homemade Baby Food

Want your baby to be smart? Want your baby to be healthy? Want your baby to be a good eater? Look no further. This book has you covered.

As a parent you only have one chance to create the optimal nutritional foundation on which your baby will grow! While most parents are okay settling for single-serving, shelf-stable jars of store-bought baby food… YOU are not most parents. You can save money and have much more control over what you put in your baby’s body when you make your baby’s food at home. Ultimately, YOU hold the power to set your baby on the right trajectory; and with this easy 3-Phase System, you don’t have to figure it out alone.

Inside this amazing resource you’ll find:

1) Helpful tools for making homemade baby food;
2) What is a “Superfood;”
3) Nutritional needs of your growing baby;
4) 3-Phase System explained;
5) Food allergies and how-to identify/avoid reactions;
6) Over 35 delicious baby food recipes!!!!!!!

As much as we’d like our babies to stay babies forever… they will inevitably grow, and grow, and grow. Likewise, their nutritional needs with grow as well.

The “how-to” of starting your baby on solid foods can be a source of overwhelm and confusion for many parents. If this is you, you are not alone. Authors, Steve and Erica, developed this simple process to methodically start your baby’s journey into the world of solid foods.

The recipes inside are designed to delight your baby’s palate and include the nutritional value needed to maximize cellular growth and cognitive development. As an added bonus, when done right, this system is designed to entice your baby to try new things leading to good, less-picky eaters. You can bask in the awe and envy of other parents when your future toddler eats anything other than buttered spaghetti, tater tots, or chicken nuggets!

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